Phoenix Bird Antique Illustration Vintage Paper

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About this design:

A lovely antique Phoenix Bird illustration on stained grungy layered 1800's paper with fancy script.


Antique Film Camera Grunge Paper

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About this design:

Beautifully aged and layered old script font paper with a cool vintage medium format film camera graphic.


Swallow-Tailed Butterfly Vintage Script Paper

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About this design:

A lovely Swallow-Tailed butterfly on sepia toned antique stained 1800's grunge script paper.


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Original Artwork and Photography by Michigan Artist Constance McGuire and Erin McGuire.

12/02/2014 05:13 PM

Constance McGuire specializes in vintage inspired art ranging from still life, landscapes, floral, old textures and papers to fine-art imagery of Michigan and surrounding Michigan beaches. Erin McGuire specializes in drawing both traditional and digital with a wide range of imagination. She is currently obtaining her degree in the arts and hopes to write and illustrate young reader books in her lifetime.

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